Academic Progress

We use the latest teaching methods and the best technology available. We know that high-quality teaching produces high-quality results. Our teaching methodology is based on a communicative approach where students are fully immersed in authentic language situations.

Quality Teaching

  • All our teachers are native level English speakers, fully qualified with relevant teaching experience. Most teachers have a master’s degree in Linguistics from UK universities.
  • Our academic team maintains high quality teaching and give students academic guidance and counselling. accommodation.
  • Our teachers use the latest teaching methodology to improve students’ fluency and confidence in speaking.
  • We regularly check your progress to ensure that you are achieving your maximum potential.

Your Progress

BeginnerYou can recognise a few words of English and you can greet and respond.6-8
A1 of the CEFR
You can understand basic instructions in class as well as ask simple questions. You can ask simple personal questions.8 - 12
A2 of the CEFR
You can communicate in an everyday social context and can state simple opinions. You can express likes in familiar contexts using simple language.8 - 12
B1 of the CEFR
You can speak and understand English with some confidence and understand most of what you hear and read. You have a range of vocabulary and can survive well in most situations. You can understand routine information and news articles. You can write on a limited range of topics.10 - 12
B2 of the CEFR
You can give a clear presentation on a familiar topic, and answer predictable or factual questions. You can discuss topics currently in the news. Your vocabulary range is wide. You have the ability to grasp the main view of what you read and your writing is accurate.10 - 12
C1 of the CEFR
You can follow abstract arguments and speak for an extended period of time with a good degree of accuracy and fluency using a wide range of expressions. You can understand complex arguments presented and can write letters on most subjects smoothly and without errors.12 - 16
C2 of the CEFR
You are able to answer with confidence and spontaneity using an extensive range of vocabulary.You are able to comprehend virtually everything you read and recognize the nuances of idiomatic language. You demonstrate a mastery of the English Language in a variety of written forms.10 - 12

Meet the Teachers

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